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Instrucciones: Los Peces Betta, conocidos tambien como peces guerreros siameses, son agresivos por naturaleza y tienen tendencia a pelear entre ellos o con otros peces.Por esta razon, se recomienda colocarlos en tanques separados e, incluso en estas condiciones, debera asegurarse que los tanques no esten cerca uno del otro, ya que los peces pueden agitarse y saltar para pelear o aparearse entre ellos. Para asegurarse de que el ambiente sea seguro, necesitara cambiar la mitad del agua semanalmente.En resumen un jodido.

The Betta is native freshwater fish from Thailand (formerly Siam) and Cambodia (formerly Kampuchea). Also known as Samurai fighting fish. Can often be found in a small pond, river and drain. As Betta can survive in a low-oxygen level of water, it can live anywhere and mostly in Asia.
The aggression of this fish has been studied by ethologists and comparative psychologists.These fish have historically been the objects of gambling; two male fish are pitted against each other in a fight and bets are placed on which one will win. One fish is almost always killed as a result. To avoid this, male Siamese fighting fish are best isolated from one another.


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